Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some Pictures

Not what I promised, but something to assauge your anxiety until tomorrow or Thursday.

This is their first few hours in the new pen in the new room... on the other end of the house. So much for THEIR anxiety!
One of the girls, obviously not a clingy type!

Eight of the pups

The whole litter

Their colors are a little lighter than actuality because of the flash.

Triple Crown possibilities
This photo is a bit scary for anyone... like me... dying for a Triple Crown winner this year. It shows I'll Have Another just before the KY Derby finish line... with Dullahan on his outside... and everyone says he was closing fast.

Unlike most race horses, Another wears a "Breathe Right" for horses instead of being on the drug Lasix (like 95% of his compadres.) It's a device that fits outside his nose and opens the nostrils a bit. In NY, the DRUG is legal, the DEVICE is not... for thoroughbred racing. So he can't run the Belmont with it. (It IS "legal" in harness racing, sport horse competitions, etc and the Olympics also allow "flair strips.") Really makes a lot of sense in an industry where drug use, legal and otherwise, is WAAAAY out of hand.
Another and his "pony," Lava Man, are safely stabled at Belmont already and enjoying their new digs. The colt is showing NO signs of being tired or hurt from his last two races. I sincerely hope, in 18 days, we ALL have another!

A complete turn around for Peri's little girl! She's grown TREMENDOUSLY in the last day or two, is active but not crabby AND is trying to walk.

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