Thursday, May 3, 2012

Derby Weekend

But first... Take a look at this pup. See the areas of gray (silver) already showing up? Others are showing areas of lighter red or tan than their coat colors.
They are all doing so well, it's scary! The last day or so, they are trying to get up on their legs and if they keep going, they'll be walking before their eyes open! Plus, they have already experienced the coldest night of the year and the hottest day!

I hope Peri's pups are up for this challenge!

Derby Saturday
Well, it is another huge field of seemingly fairly equal so-so colts. No one stands out. Even the experts all have different picks. My four, NOT in order, are:
Take Charge Indy (post position 3 with Calvin Borel up)
Creative Cause (#8, he's bred for over a mile, he's gray and I love his "little guy" back story - his mom, and HER mom, are pretty much his 80 year old BREEDER/owner's only other horses and his 71 year old "small time" trainer says he's getting two Derbys this year... his first and his last!)
Daddy Nose Best (out of gate 10, Garret Gomez on board)
Gemologist (#15, since his daddy is Tiznow and his pedigree is a little "older" than many of the other colts.)
Bodemeister (with Mike Smith up, out of post 6, is interesting because he was unraced as a 2 year old but, heart attack or not, I'm not a real Bob Baffert fan. The last time the Derby was won by a colt that didn't start racing until 3 was in... 1882.)

Union Rags(#4,) Dullahan (#5,) Went the Day Well (#13, LOVE that name!) and Hansen (#14,) are also well thought of. The early lead should go to Trinniberg (#9) but it's not likely he can go the mile and a quarter.
There are 20 horses in the field. If someone scratches, even at the last minute, there is an alternate entry. I would much rather see 12-15 horses, but no one asked me and I'm not paying any Derby nomination fees.
So I've listed half the entries...
and I have to admit, my heart is with Creative Cause.

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