Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quiet Sunday

Hot! But not as bad as the last couple days. We were in low 80s today, humidity down, so it was comfortable. But I slept in anyway. My sleep cycle is really screwed up right now... nothing unusual for me since I'm a night person to start with. I've been up later and later... or earlier and earlier, depending on your outlook... every night. And for some reason, the dogs are letting me get away with it! Maybe because they are enjoying the cool night and morning air too.

Take Charge Indy
As I thought, he had a problem although his people didn't think so for a while after the race. I would have thought, especially considering Calvin Borel saying he didn't know what had stopped him... he thought the horse had bled which they checked out... that they would have give some thought to other causes. He was already cooled down and being taken to the barn when they noticed he was favoring a front leg. They said he was not limping when he came off the track and was being cooled. Duh! As soon as the adrenaline wore off, he felt the pain. He chipped an ankle bone and is scheduled for surgery. Won't be racing for a number of months.
There is a wonderful photo of Calvin meeting Rachel Alexandra and her foal a day or so before the Derby. She has her head buried in his arms and he looks like he is crying. I tried to copy it but no luck.

Union Rags may not be going to Baltimore for the Preakness. His trainer, the terrific Michael Matz, is unhappy with the last two races he's run and isn't sure if it is the horse or his rider who is considered to be first class.

On the other hand, I'll Have Another will be there tomorrow so he has the next 2 weeks to acclimate and make the track his own.

Yep, this blog has gone from dogs to horses! But it only lasts until mid-June when the Belmont is run!

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