Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Moving Along

The first award for being the first in this litter to do something goes to one of the darkest girls who was the first to get out of the nest. She gets the prize even though I think it was less of a desire on her part to go exploring than "I just got hold of this nipple and I'm not letting go" tenacity. She didn't make a sound when she found herself out on her own... I was sitting right there and noticed nothing. But every one of the dogs in the room was instantly on alert and crowding around the puppy pen. THEY made Emy nervous and she started trying to pick the pup up and put her back. I have yet to see one of MY dogs pick a pup up by the scruff of the neck and Emy is no exception. She tried to scoop the little girl into her mouth as she did when they were newborns but two weeks means the pups are way too big for that. By the time I got everyone out of the way and the pen open, Emy was frustrated and the pup was soaking wet. And still totally unperplexed! As soon as I put her up against my cheek, she started trying to find something to suck on. Emy did lie down with the gang for a few minutes before again leaving the nest to get something to eat.

Cisco's Kids
Millie enjoying her toy.

Millie weighs 32# at 6 months. Her people report she is a happy girl but is troubled by separation anxiety. I have no experience with that since I never have one dog by itself... can't remember a time when mine was not a multiple dog household... so if someone has some ideas, please let me know and I'll pass them on. Today, in Petsmart, I saw a "blanket/coat" that is designed to prevent fear of thunder. The box lists separation anxiety as one of the issues that can be helped by using the blanket which fits very snuggly over the dog's body and chest. Not sure how it works.

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