Saturday, May 26, 2012

Little Buggers

I've listened to the same 2-3 pups whining and howling for the last two hours. It is HOT and I'm in the same mood they are, but I'm in the same room they... and their 6-7 siblings are... and none of us is whining. So I put Emy back in with them, opened up the pen so they have three-fourths of the room AND spread a wet towel on the floor. Plus, I added a second fan. On high. Did they stop whining? Yes. But first, they climbed all over their poor mom, grabbed a suck or two, explored the area of the pen they had not been in before and are now sprawled out asleep. Back in the same smaller area of the pen they were in originally. One pup... count her... ONE pup is on the wet towel. I think their whining was just "DO something!" I did. So they quit bellyaching. Probably after congratulating each other on their success at controlling me!

Six degrees of separation... a friend of mine is a friend of Calvin Boral. She ran into him at the Derby and he introduced her to a number of people... like Mario Gutierrez, Another's jockey, and Lava Man and she got within 20 feet of Another. AND she got me a copy of the photo of Calvin and Rachel Alexandra that I saw but couldn't down load. It is now my wallpaper or screen saver or whatever the big picture on a computer screen is called. It makes me smile every time I see it.

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