Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Bark!

Somebody has her ears open! (Or HIS ears.) Today, one of the pups has barked... twice that I've heard. Which means that pup can hear sounds. And it also means the rest won't be deaf much longer. And THAT means it's going to be a bit noisy around here for the next couple days. Once pups' ears open, they react to every little peep and squeek. And if one of them barks, the rest chime in. They can keep it going for a while until they learn to distinquish one sound from another.

Full body scanning made easy...

Sexy pictures
I understand a number of you would like to see what the boys look like and what the girls look like, so the next time I take photos... this weekend... I'll do 3 group shots: 1 of the 3 boys and two with 3 girls each. Individual photos won't start until about 6 weeks.

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