Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More "Gender" Pix


Darker girls

Lighter girls

Last night, for the very first time, all the pups noticed me when I went in the pen. They all pranced around... yes, they're sure enough on their feet to prance... and tried to get me to pet them. Right now, "petting" means giving them a massage along the spine. Haven't started holding them on the back and rubbing the belly yet. But now that they are aware that I exsist, I'll get on it!

Peri and pups
She did really well with them last night. I only had to check a couple times. The female is active and has a full tummy but the male is barely hanging on. I'm actually amazed that he is still breathing. He isn't in any distress, just fading away. The interesting thing is, mamas tend to shove those pups aside and not pay any attention to them. (That is often my first clue that there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with a pup.) But whenever Peri changes position, she moves him to where she can see him. She doesn't put him up close to her like she does the girl, but she moves him from one side of the nest to the other. Whenever I check on her, she lets me know that the female pup belongs to HER... she's worse than an old hen... but she doesn't object to me picking up the male. Right now, I'm not even to the point of cautious optomism about a survivor in this litter, but I'm headed in that direction.

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