Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Don't Need the Stress!

My cable company, which I abhor anyway, lost the NBC visual feed this afternoon about the time the Derby coverage started. Yikes! I finally talked myself down off the ceiling... I could HEAR just fine up there, thank you... and decided I would pretend I was back in the early 50s, listening to the race on the radio. I got to listen to all the pre-race stories and visual was restore about a half hour or so before the post parade.

As usual, MY horses did not do all that well... in fact, Take Charge Indy (who was second in my heart) finished 19th. So far no word on the problem, but he left the gate fairly well and ran decently for a while, right where I expected him to be. Since he wasn't pulled up, I'm hoping it just wasn't his day or he threw a shoe or something, nothing serious. My closest finisher, and closest to my heart, was Creative Cause who was 5th. Bodemeister ran all the way in front, ahead even of Trinniberg who was supposed to be THE speed demon. (He finished 17th.) But just before the wire, I'll Have Another decided he would and he won going away (which bodes, no pun intended, well for the Belmont which is a quarter mile longer than the Derby. And with a smaller field, he just might be able to break free of the herd a little earlier and take the Preakness which is 1/16th mile shorter than the Derby.) A Tripe Crown IS possible this year and more likely than in the passed few years. As for my other horses, Gemologist, who was tied almost neck and neck IN MY HEAD with Indy, was 16th. Daddy Nose Best, my fourth horse, was right in the middle of the mix at 10th. Went the Day Well and Dullahan, two of my honorable mentions, finished 3rd and 4th. The favorite, Union Rags once again had a problem race, something he seems prone to and ended up 7th while Hansen, another very well thought of colt, was 9th. He seemed very agitated starting in the paddock and was soaking wet before he got in the gate, so I don't think anyone was surprised. Another horse that was a little worked up before the gate was the "pony" who travels with I'll Have Another. He is Lava Man, a retired champion race horse (over $5 mil in winnings) and a big favorite in California where he and Another live. Lava Man is probably back in his stall trying to figure out why he never gets loaded in the gate any more! I have the complete order of finish for anyone who is interested.

A minor piece of trivia... I'll Have Another was purchased for... $11,000.

My friend, Karen, did not like the blog in white. So it is now blue.

Emy's are two weeks tomorrow. And to celebrate, I have a new camera sent to me by Marcy who is getting one of Peri's pups and wants non blurry pictures when they arrive. She's hoping I'll figure it out quickly!  I hope everyone appreciates my gift as much as I do!

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