Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Title: Changes, etc
Once again, I'm having trouble posting on the blog. This is the reason I love  google so much!

Emy is over it! She has not been in with the pups since Saturday. She doesn't even go in their room. And The Nine don't seem to miss her... at least they are not yelling for her in the mornings or before bedtime. They don't even yell when they know she is right outside their door. Now, in another week or so, Em's going to go back. Her relationship with the pups is forever changed BUT it is a different one than they will have with the other dogs. She is still their mom... just no longer mommy.

Peri is conflicted. She wants to be with Esther all the time BUT once again, she wants to stay close to me. When I leave the room, she whines for at least a half hour. And if I take Esther away with me, she whines as long as she's gone. It's tough being a first time mother.

Coming soon
In the next few days I'll send out the first of a couple LONG emails with information you'll need for taking care of your puppy after you take it home. The first one is sort of a shopping list. Others have to do with health issues and caring for the pup.

Esther and one of her cousins

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