Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How Soon We (I) Forget

But first, a photo of Diamond and Brogue's Broadway diva daughter, Montana (and friends.)

In case you're not sure, Montana is on the left end. Notice all the dogs are off lead and outside... and WAITING to have their photo taken!

Now to the title subject...
A week or so ago, I turned on the lamp on the dresser by the bed. Let me rephrase. I tried to turn on the lamp on the dresser by the bed. Nothing happened. So I clicked it again, with the same result. Naturally, since the lamp was from the dollar store (but cost SIX dollars) and at least 10 years old AND the bulb in it was one of those corkscrew looking things, I immediately went back to the dollar store and bought a new lamp (costing ten dollars.) I plugged it in and we had light. The old lamp, sans bulb, went in the trash. Don't know what made me rethink that decision, but I pulled it out, put in a new bulb and guess what... it worked. The other one was burned out. I have gotten so used to those squiggly things lasting forever, I never thought the problem could be the bulb! Actually, I think this may be the first time I've had one grow old and die. (Which means I need to stock up on them because all the bulbs in the house are from the same era. Except the one in the new lamp on the dresser.)
Now, you'd think that this experience would teach me something. However, last weekend I came out of Walmart (yes, I said Walmart, my second trip already this year... which means I'm good until 2013...) I came out of Walmart and my remote key thingy wouldn't unlock my door. It worked on the trunk just fine. In fact, it worked on the trunk TOO fine. No matter which open button I pushed or how many times I pushed it, the trunk unlocked. This caused me an episode of mild panic. It is difficult to drive a car home from Walmart without being inside the car. However, after trying it several times (all the while trying to remember exactly where the other remote clickerbob was "stored,") the driver's lock opened. You know, it wasn't until I got home and was unloading the car that it occurred to me that the key just might open the door.
Apparently, you CAN teach an old dog a new trick. You just have to be prepared for the old dog to forget the old trick when you do!

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