Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back to Normal?

I'm referring to google... the blog seems to be working ok today. One try and I'm in. Not sure what will happen when I try posting a photo....

Back to colors
I do not know how else to describe/show what coats are doing. If you compare the picture still on the website of the litter at 14 days and the pictures taken over the weekend you can see how much they've changed. For me, the pictures show the differences between the individual pups as well. These differences are RIGHT NOW and really are NOT much in the way of predictors of the mature coats.

ALL the pups are sabled. Sable means each hair is TWO colored, usually lighter near the body and darker away from the body. (There are a few breeds where that is reversed.) German Shepherds are often sabled as are Belgian Tervurens, Schnauzers, Elk - Deer - Wolfhounds, Malmutes and Siberian Huskies, Bearded Collies and Old English Sheepdogs. That list will give you some breeds to look up on the internet to see what their various coats look like in adult dogs.

With the exception of two or three of the LIGHTEST pups, I think most of this litter is going to stay sable to some extent.

Right now, The Nine seem to be divided into 3 color phases... a third are mostly "red" with a dusting of dark tipping and a third are still mostly dark with light undercoating. Which means the other three are somewhere in between.

No one is black or "almost black" (as I labelled two of them when they were first born.)

Older Emy pup

This is Zoe, a parti-colored (spotted) pup from Emy and Sparky's Nov. 2008 litter. The photo is hard to understand BUT it is Zoe's head on her mom's knee. The white area is her lower muzzle, if that helps any!

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