Thursday, June 14, 2012


This morning, when Peri went outside, I randomly picked up one of Emy's pups and put it in with Esther. The pup I got hold of is the dark female, Teddy Bear. I wanted to see how 4-1/2 week old Esther responded to another puppy since she is rather sedate and well mannered with the adult dogs, even her mom. She knew immediately that Teddy was another PUPPY. Instinctual play is so... instinctual! She pawed, she pounced, she sneaked up on her, she chewed on her face, legs, tail. She tried to mount her... pretty funny with Esther small enough to almost stand upright underneath Teddy. And the older pup? She played nicely. She let Esther lead the way and any time she knocked her over, she stood back and let her regain her feet rather than following through and holding her down the way she does with her brothers and sisters. When she pawed at Esther, it was more like she was just touching her rather than pushing. I was so impressed with both of them! So, from now on, every time I send Peri outside, I'll put another of Em's kids in with their cousin. By the beginning of next week, they should all have met her and I'll put HER in with ALL of them at once and let her stay for an hour or so at a time. Peri is still so protective, I doubt she'll put up with her baby being gone longer than that!

Oh, Teddy weighed in at just shy of 6.5 pounds. And Esther? Right on 2.75.

Emy and Boon's first litter

This is Finn Nelson, clipped for the first time and in full coat just before.

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