Tuesday, June 12, 2012


In my note to Bob Baffert on Sunday...
please ignore my kicking him in the head. It was not Baffert who got the love tap from one of his horses. It was Wayne Lukas. They don't even look alike!

Cooper is 8 years old
Cooper is a Shadow son, one of my Doodles. And he looks a lot more like his dad than his Mom! In either pose!

Guess who discovered her mom's food bowl today. She's had her nose in it off and on all day but I don't think she's eating much. She's licking the bowl. And there are lots of kibble bits scattered around. She probably won't really get into solid food for another week or so. Her mom's milk is a lot easier for her and there is plenty of it. Both she and Peri are getting bored. I've heard whimpers from each of them all day. That's one of the drawbacks of single puppy litters... mom is tied up with puppy entertainment which she wouldn't have to do if there was another pup or two to play with. But Peri refuses to stay away from Esther for any length of time IF she is in the house. I can send her outside and she runs all over the yard for an hour. I let her out in the bedroom this afternoon... Esther was sleeping... and Peri drove me nuts running back and forth to the pen from under the bed. I couldn't concentrate on Judge Judy!

This weekend I think I'm going to grab one of Emy's pups and put her in with Esther. (I say her because there are more of them than hims.) I'm hoping putting the older pup in a strange location will disconcert it enough to give Esther time to get comfortable with the invasion of HER space. Maybe by the time they both adjust, things will go smoothly and quietly. Peri will definitely be outside.

Shots this weekend
Emy's pups will be getting the first of 3 shots they'll need before they are 16 weeks old. This one is a "5-way" which is for (actually AGAINST!) parvo, distemper, hepititis and a couple "flus." Sometimes a pup or two will feel a little under the weather for 24 hours or so. That's why I don't let pups go home the day after they get a shot.

Speaking of going home... just in case you missed it the first time around, I will not be shipping or allowing any pick ups on Mondays or Tuesdays. My groomer is closed Sundays and Mondays and since every one has to go to the groomer the day before they leave....
Also, I'll do just one shipping and up to 2 pick ups on the same day.
Wednesday the 18th is booked up.

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you who can make it here. I love the looks on people's faces when they see their pup the first time!

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