Friday, June 15, 2012

I've Created Monsters!

First, Esther. Now she thinks she is to be allowed out whenever her mom is or someone has to come babysit her... me or one of the older pups. The problem with just letting her out in the bedroom is she is fearless and an explorer by nature. She disappears in a flash under the bed, behind the dresser, inside the closet. Which is strange since she's only about 4-5 inches tall and with legs that short, how can she do anything in a flash? If I bring a pup in to visit, I have to supervise. It's all gone well... puppies are amazing critters!... but there is always the chance something 3 times her size could seriously injure her by accident. Think about your 50 pound kid wrestling with the neighbor's 150 pound kid.... This afternoon, I did put Esther down in the computer room with The Nine. It was after they'd already been unpenned for almost an hour, which is a little longer than their energy usually lasts. Of course, their fatigue immediately vanished and E was mobbed as soon as they saw her. Did she run and hide? Did she cry? No, she simply wiggled out from underneath and walked away from the pile-up leaving them sniffing at each other trying to figure out where she was. She makes Seigfreid and Roy look like amateurs! The whole thing wasn't much fun for me because I had to keep saying "ut ut" to get a pup's attention and "no" after I had it and then move on to the next pup and repeat. They are just learning "no" and aren't particularly clued in to "ut ut" translating to "look at me" since they're just babies themselves. And truthfully, Esther didn't seem the least bit intimidated by them, singularly or in mob mode. Maybe it's like a 3 year old riding his trike on the freeway...? It IS important for Esther to learn how to get along with other pups. Ignoring them won't work ALL her life. Will it? One thing that was really cute: at one time, most of The Nine had given up on her and were sprawled out sleeping, but one pup was outside the wire of the pen and E was on the other side. As soon as she saw it, she went into guard dog mode and charged up to the wire, barking and growling. The pup on the other side did the same thing and they entertained themselves for a few minutes "fence fighting." Yeah, it's cute NOW!
The Nine and The Water Bowl... I'e been outsmarted. Yes, I fixed the problem of them tipping it over and dumping water everywhere. However, they've gone back to digging in it and splashing it bone dry, getting water everywhere. All these years and I still don't know how to stop this behavior. At least I don't have to soak a towel for them anymore!

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