Sunday, June 10, 2012

Not Bad

It was a good race, especially the last 10 seconds or so. I was really pulling for Paynter, since I rated him above Union Rags at the distance AND because he led all the way. My complete order of finish was posted on Thursday. Suffice it to say, scratching IHA, I managed to get my next 5 in 1-4 at the finish line. The one I missed on was Dullahan who ended up 7th.

I am happy enough for Union Rags. He finally got a clean trip and looked like the horse he was thought to be at the beginning of the year.

Note to Bob Baffert: the next time you have a heart attack and then get kicked in the head by one of your horses within a couple months time, forget about any big races. Take your horses and go home for a breather. In case you forgot, Baffert trains Bodemeister who finished second in both the Derby and the Preakness AND he trains Paynter who finished second in the Belmont... there is no Triple Crown of seconds, but Bob gave it a good try! And second pays more than chump change!

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