Monday, June 11, 2012

Pix NOT on the Website

Two girls proving THEY know how to stand up!

These were the first two pups I took pictures of yesterday. It was straight downhill after that!

The families with first pick male and female have made their choices. I've marked the pups on the website and notified the families with second picks. There is NO rush. Since picking wasn't scheduled for another week, take your time.

NO blue eyes
The photos of a couple pups make it look like they have blue eyes. They don't. It's just the flash. Everyone has dark brown eyes. This is the first litter I can remember where no one seems to mind the camera. They all look up, although some need a little more coaxing than others. I discovered yesterday that they find singing fascinating. Well, they find it fascinating when I sing. I don't think they approve!

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