Friday, June 1, 2012

The Eyes have It!

This is Esther at 19 days. Her eyes finally opened yesterday and she is almost up on her feet... she gets up and walks, but can go only a few steps before sprawling out. Then she gets up and goes again. I put a kitchen mat in the crate, to get her off the slick surface, but her momma keeps moving it into a pile. Esther has mastered the sit and looks like a little stuffed animal when she does it. Today, while her mom was outside, I held her where the little dogs could sniff and lick her. She didn't like it at first and kept burying her head, but after a few minutes, she was looking for them, pushing her nose against theirs, mouthing their muzzles. Single pups often do not want to be bothered with other dogs touching them because it hasn't happened to them all their lives. She found them interesting, rather than threatening, which is a good sign. This is the best I can do to prepare her before I put her in with Emy's pups (who are 3 weeks older) for play time. That won't happen for another week or two, but I don't want her afraid of them the first time it happens.

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