Saturday, June 23, 2012

Funnies, Firsts and Reminders

And, in reverse order, the reminders:
1) don't forget to make your puppy's vet appoinment. According to the contract, you have 72 hours to go to the vet or the contract is void. ALL pups see MY vet within a couple of days before leaving and she will not let me send off anything that has a problem, even if I was inclined that way, but for your own peace of mind, YOUR vet needs to check the pup out as soon as you get it.
2) the first email of the series I talked about a couple days ago went out today. It is some suggestions for items you may want to have on hand before your puppy arrives. Another email will go out next week.

this evening, I opened the door to the deck and let the pups go out there for the first time. Usually, pups are hesitant and crowd around the door until someone is brave enough to take that first step. Not this gang. The Nine were all out the door in a flash. Perhaps it is because they've already been outside in the yard in the last week, even if it was in twos and threes and just long enough for me to get pictures. However, there IS an award for a first place puppy... this one goes to the First Pup to Fall Off the Deck. Congratulations Black & White Dog! And our second First of the day actually occurred earlier, when Peri was outside this afternoon and Esther was being babysat by one of The Nine. The award for First Pup to Make Esther Mad goes to Brown Pony. In all fairness, she played nicely with Esther for the half hour it took the younger pup to tire out and collapse in a corner for a nap. And sleep and sleep and sleep. Pony had no one to occupy her time, so after a while she woke Esther up. Several times. And when E finally had had enough of what she must have considered Pony's rudeness, she jumped up snarling. Which surprised the dickens out of both of them. Shortly thereafter, Pony curled up next to her and they both took a long nap.


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