Monday, June 4, 2012

Emy's New Schedule

It may be hard to believe, but Emy is definitely the one in charge of raising her pups. She just keeps me around to open and close the gate to the puppy pen! Over the weekend, she stopped spending the night in the pen with them. She's back to sleeping in the bedroom, under the bed. First thing in the morning, usually around 7 which is several hours before the rest of us need to get up, she wants back in the pen with the kids where she'll stay an hour or so. Then, she's out of there until late afternoon/early evening. She'll go back in for about another hour. When she comes out, she wants to visit with her mom, Sparky, Keogh and a rescue who is rooming with them. Finally, at bedtime (MY bedtime of 2-3 AM,) she wants a quick visit in the pen, to tuck the kids away for the night. You may be wondering just HOW she conveys all this to me... well, as soon as you get your pup, you'll understand. Dogs are very clear about their time schedules. While Em is with the pups, she lets them suckle for a few minutes... she still has plenty of milk... and she'll clean bottoms (although she's not so hot on cleaning the pen any more.) She'll play a little with them... wrestling, rolling them over, holding them down with a paw or two... and has started their life lessons. Last night she told two in no uncertain terms that chewing on her was not allowed. AND she broke up a couple bully episodes where one pup had another down making it cry. (When she's not in with them, I am the one that stops the bullying... they're learning the word "No!") Interestingly, she is not paying any attention to their toys. I thought she would take the squeaker (and stuffing) out of their stuffed animal, but she just sniffs it and leaves it alone. They are now bigger than it is. They also have a huge Kong bone which they chew the edges of since it is way too big and heavy for them to get it in their mouths AND a braided rope ring. This is also too thick for them to get a good grip on but they have the idea and just need to grow into it. Their favorite "toy" is a small cardboard box which they chew on, stand on, drag around, push open and closed with their noses. Emy has no use for any of that stuff. Apparently, she's getting close to middle age and has outgrown her need for toys.

As promised
the next 3 pictures... male, darker female, lighter female

I get letters
and some of it is delightful! Yesterday, Miss GiGi, who is getting one of Emy's pups, emailed me this terrific picture.

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