Sunday, June 10, 2012

7 Weeks Old

New pictures of the Emy/Boon April 2012 litter are on the website. And I have a couple I am going to post here tomorrow that are NOT. I tried to get a shot of each pup standing up... but forget about it. Apparently they can't do that on a soft surface. AND also apparently, Esther can't even SIT up on a soft surface.

These two pictures, both with the reindeer as a prop, I hope show you the size difference 3 weeks can make...

An update on the older pups' progress...
they've been wormed a couple times and are currently parasite free. (Remember, worming is something you do throughout a dog's life... most heartworm preventatives stop other worms as well.)
I'm putting newspaper on just one side of their pen and just in the back of that side. They have all made the leap to banking their poop in that area. This is a big deal for pups and these guys have done it a little early.
They have discovered the water bowl. And I don't mean for drinking. This is also a big deal for pups... one I wish they'd make after they leave here!
This morning, for the first time, they didn't yell for their mom. Of course, once we left the bedroom and she wandered into the pups' room, they started calling for her, but before that, she was out of sight, out of mind.

More anon...

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