Sunday, September 18, 2011

We were 3 Weeks Old on Friday

Emy and Boon's pups at 3 weeks... two to three times the size they used to be!
A couple of them are getting out... and back IN... the pool on their own. Most of the others are getting out, but they've learned to just take a nap when their mom leaves them out there alone. Probably because they've already learned the two-legged mom will put them back with everyone else.

First weights will be NEXT Friday, on their four weeks birthday. Usually, the following weigh in... at 8 weeks... is MUCH more indicative of adult weight. This is because at 4 weeks, the pups are still relying on mom's milk which is getting thinner and less nourishing. At 8 weeks, they are eating dry puppy food and are getting as much as they want, whenever they want. (They will still be suckling whenever mom is around, but it more like a pacifier than a meal.)

The last of Jennifer's pups is looking for his forever home. He'll be a year old in just about a month and is around 40 pounds. He's had all his shots, including his first rabies, and has been on heartworm prevention.

Lucky likes people but is still very leery of them. He is affectionate with me and loves getting back and belly rubs BUT even after all this time, he doesn't come up to ask for attention. It will take him a lot of time to fit in comfortably at his new home.

Lucky gets along well with other dogs. Here he is with Boon, who is several weeks older. They are penned together and go out in the yard together and even though they have reached breeding age... and Boon's getting a girl every now and then... they are still getting along.

Lucky is available to a family with lots (and LOTS) of patience, a fenced yard and another friendly dog already in residence. Oh, and it has to be close enough to me for him to be returned easily if, after a suitable period of time, it isn't working out.

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