Monday, September 19, 2011

Prayers, Good Thoughts Needed

Last night, the man who does my yard work left right when it got dark and did not close one of the gates. An hour or so later, I let Keogh, Di, Cotton, Peri and two puppies out. I did not see the open gate. An hour later when I called the dogs back in, only Keogh and the two puppies came. I called and called. And drove all around my area but I was pretty sure the three missing dogs were in the woods. Diamond came back around 1 AM... I left the gate open and the front door and when she came in, all the dogs started barking madly. BUT Cotton and Peri have not returned. I've spent all morning driving the roads, calling the local vets' offices and making a flyer. It is hard to explain how difficult it is to look for the dogs around my house. I am mostly surrounded by hundreds of acres of dense, unkempt woods... tall trees and lots of brush... very hilly, broken terrain. It is next to impossible to get very far on foot and totally impossible in a vehicle. Driving on the dirt/gravel, deeply rutted "roads" requires all my attention so even if I could see more than a few feet into the trees, I still couldn't look for the dogs.

Please, keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I want my dogs back.

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