Monday, September 5, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Finally, got a couple photos opened up. Even though they were downsized, my MAC simply refused to do anything with them. The "new" computer has a problem working with my dial up server and often doesn't have enough speed to download pix without freezing, no matter their size. However, it apparently likes rainy weather because today, when it is pouring, it just popped those suckers open!

This is Koda Eppley watching what's going on in the gym. He is from Di and Brogue's October 2009 litter.

And these two shots are of Koda's younger brother, Duncan Mills.
Duncan is from Di and Brogue's October 2010 litter.

2011 will not have a Di and Brogue litter or even a Di and Boon litter. Darn.

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