Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No News is Good News

The pups are doing great. Which isn't hard when all you do is eat and sleep. At 11 days, they are acting as normal as possible... thought I saw one trying to get his belly off the ground yesterday, but if so, he only did it that one time and no one else is copying him. By this time next week, their eyes will be open and starting to focus AND a few days later, their ears will open. Also during that time, they WILL be strong enough to stand on their legs. And then the fun begins! One of the rescue dogs keeps reaching through the wire of the puppy pen, trying to touch the pups. BUT he has managed to put holes in the top rung of the pool, so there is only a two inch high ring between them and... freedom, so they'll be out of the nest, maybe before they are really ready for the experience!

Update on Jackson coming tomorrow
This is the blond "Jennifer's pup" who was returned because he refused to settle in at his new home. Since he showed me some rather bizarre behaviors, I had him in to the vet for evaluation and the results will be available soon.

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