Monday, September 26, 2011

Puppy weights

There is a considerable spread here in weights. The smallest by far is the mostly white parti girl while the largest by just a tad is the blond boy. Here they are, ladies first
mostly white parti -- 2.05 pounds
fifty/fifty parti -- 2.60
blond -- 2.20

blond boy

and the boys
black, most white -- 2.40
black-and-tan -- 2.40
black, least white -- 2.70
blond -- 2.75
So, from largest to smallest, it is boy, boy, girl, boy boy, girl, girl.

Mom makes the best cushion!

Cotton and Peri
I spent the entire day, Saturday, running around. I went to the church very early and waited around, with Diamond, for about an hour. Then went home to take care of the others and to update my listings on the internet. Wasn't there a half hour and a lady called... twice in 10 minutes... because the dogs were at the church, trying to get in the doors. Of course, I'm on dial up, so I didn't get the calls until an hour later. By the time I got back there, all the people were gone... on a day trip of some sort... and there was no sign of the dogs. Sat around, again with Di, for almost 3 hours... put out 4 big bowls of dog food and 4 of water... in various places around the grounds and left more flyers. Went back home and an hour later a guy called to say he'd seen them... a half hour before... by the church but on either side of the bridge over the interstate. I was hoping they'd be spooked enough to stay off the road, but no such luck. Back I went, no sign of the dogs at the church or on the roads. Pulled into a guy's driveway and he said he'd seen them a couple times the day before and twice today... going back and forth across the bridge. So I went into town, ran off another batch of flyers with updated info and spent two hours driving the roads, taping flyers to mailboxes. Had any number of calls saying they'd seen the girls... 2, 3, 5 hours ago... and one saying a dog had been hit by a car a couple hours before right at her driveway. The dog lay in the driveway for over two hours and the next time the woman looked, the dog was gone. She had called animal control... I didn't think they worked on weekends and they have a bad rep for taking days to respond... but maybe they came and got the dog. When we went to her house, the dog she described sounded like a large purebred Poodle I'd seen at a home earlier AND there was a Jack Russell with it just like at that house. So we went down there but the people weren't home. I told a neighbor about the dog that had been hit and he said he'd tell the people. About 6, a car flagged me down and the couple told me they were headed off to cruise the roads, looking for the dogs... not for the reward, but just to help. And there were a couple of teenage boys, with their Lab, walking down the road, going into the woods, looking for them too. They grinned when I said "I guess you guys could use the money when you find them." There are a lot of people paying attention, so maybe, just maybe they'll be found. The dogs are getting about as desperate as I am.

Quiet. No new sightings of the dogs. A couple people called to say they had seen them the day before and a couple others called to ask if they'd been found. But no one saw them on Sunday. I'm assuming this means they've moved on. One person had seen them near the church but in an entirely different direction than everybody else, so I don't know which way they are going. ANY way is bad, except back up over the ridge, through the woods. They are getting to more and more crowded, heavily trafficked areas and close to two intersections. I'm going to the two shelters this afternoon, although I know they haven't been picked up and mailing flyers to all the vets. Other than that, I don't know what to do. Cotton's pups are due around the 15th.

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