Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back to Puppies

This has been a big week for awareness. The pups have gone from living in their own little world, a little startled by my presence whenever they discover me in the pen, to looking for me and the other dogs. Every one of them LOVES being massaged along their spines and will gather around waiting for their turn. They've learned when I open the gate, Mom is going to disappear for a while. Today, when I let Emy out for the first time, MOST of the pups tried to go with her. Then they all sat right at the gate and watched as the rest of us left the room. They now stand up on their back feet, front ones on the cardboard "bumper" for support and touch noses with other dogs or sniff my fingers when I put them close enough. They also look up at me when I call "puppy, puppy" and they know the sound of water or puppy kibble being poured into their bowls. They are fairly steady on their feet and running short distances. Their blanket is a great source of fun... they grab an edge and shake and sometimes pull it over themselves or another pup. They also play tug of war with it. All this is spread out over the 24 hours as they probably sleep 22 hours a day and only play for a few minutes at a time.

Next photos
I will be doing individual pictures of the pups this weekend to help you make up your minds about picks. So far, the only one definitely picked is the black with the most white. Both blacks have red highlights which means they will lighten up and my black-and-tan pups always lighten up as they mature.

Cotton and Peri
Nothing to report. Your continued prayers are requested. Thanks.

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