Thursday, September 8, 2011

Important Info

All of Emy and Boon's pups are spoken for. They'll be 2 weeks on Friday and I plan to take pix of them then. I'll put some here on the blog and some on the website. They will replace the ones already on the website, so if you are doing a puppy book and want any of those pictures, get them now.

Some time next week, I will take the info about this litter OFF the website. Don't worry... I'll create a web page JUST for the Emy/Boon litter. It will have a separate address which you can use to see the photos and other info. You will NOT be able to access it through the Mountain Summit Whoodles page.

There are a couple reasons for this... people ALWAYS want what they can't have. As long as this litter is on the main site, even though it says the pups are all sold, every other email I get will want to know if I'm sure. Some people will offer me more money to sell them a pup that is already spoken for. (I find THAT attitude very offensive.) Also, since these pups' futures are settled... somewhat, anyway... I want to put the emphasis on the Cotton/Boon litter due next month.

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