Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Pool

Had to blow up another pool for Emy's pups... very unusual for a litter to use two of them, but Popcorn (one of the little rescues) put holes in the top rung of the original one, trying to paw the pups. Now that they are two weeks old, eyes open and sort of on their feet, a couple have gotten out... they've basically just fallen out... and it upsets Emy. She immediately tries to pick them up to put them back in the nest. The problem is, she scoops them up IN her mouth and they are way too big for that. Honestly, I've never seen a DOG lift a pup by the scruff of the neck the way cats do their babies. I'm afraid sooner or later, one of the pups will get punctured. Now, Keogh had no qualms about her youngens wandering all over the pen at 2-3 weeks. She just sat and watched over them. But Em's not having it... maybe because there are other dogs in the room. So the easiest solution is a new pool. And all was peaceful and quiet last night! I did put a cardboard border, about a foot high, around the bottom of the pen so Popcorn can't stick his nails in the new pool!

Old Cotton Pup

This is New Jersey's Brody Decker BEFORE his first haircut. Haven't seen an "after" picture, but I'm sure one will arrive soon (hint hint.) Brody is from Cotton and Brogue's Oct '10 litter.

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