Thursday, September 22, 2011

We SAW Them!

The posse didn't happen today. And I was really down. I probably should not put this on the internet, but I already posted about trying to figure out where I had gone wrong (so to speak.) My oldest son's name is Jude for St. Jude. I named him that to keep my side of a bargain I made with St. Jude. So this afternoon I made another bargain. (No, I don't have to get pregnant or adopt to keep this one.) BUT 15 minutes or less later, my phone rang and a man told me he had seen my dogs. And 20 minutes later I was trying to get up his driveway. (We really do not encourage visitors in this part of the country... as our driveways will attest to.)

Don't have my hands on Cotton and Peri yet... they took off like scalded chickens as soon as they realized we were looking at them. But we know where they are... they've been hanging around in the same area since Monday night (the first time they were spotted) and even went up to the man who called me's door. I took him a bag of dog food so he could start feeding them, hoping they will quickly settle enough for me to get there and coax them to me.

Sunday, they apparently made it to the top of the ridge and then took a left. When they got to more civilized environment... pastureland and homes... they stuck around. It is comparatively safe although I've been warned there is a guy with horses who has shot a number of his neighbors' dogs. It is about 2 miles as the crow flies, but a lot farther the way the dogs had to go since they're not crows.

And I had a call on my land line when I got home, from a man who lives in the same area who has seen them as well.

I'm trying not to feel too elated or over confident. There is still so much that can go wrong. Dogs that have been running loose even a short period of time can be really difficult to corral.

So PLEASE keep up the prayers and psychic vibes. It is working!

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