Friday, September 30, 2011

So Far Today

This morning (Friday) a farmer I talked with LAST Friday called and said he thought he had just seen Peri run up the road toward his daughter's house. It's the area closest to me where they hung out for several days last week. So I went down there, but there was no sign of either dog and the dogs that live there were sound asleep on the porch... I woke them up when I started calling Cotton and Peri's names.

Just ran off 300 more flyers and we're going to put them out this afternoon. The problem is they could be anywhere now and I may be targetting the wrong area with the flyers.

It might help if I could keep from crying every time someone calls or asks about the dogs. I'm not a lot of fun to be around right now. And when I'm not crying, I'm in a terrible mood. Wish I had someone to take it out on!

The current flyer is at

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