Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Puppy Update

No news about Cotton and Peri.

However, Emy's puppies are doing well. They are almost 4 weeks old... Friday... and like all pups that age, getting hungry. Emy spends all her time in the pen and most of it OUT of the nest. She gets in and feeds them often but doesn't stay more than a few minutes at a time. She mainly nurses standing up... yep, the pups are big enough to sit under her and suck away... and only lies down with them during the night. She's still cleaning bottoms and picking up after them. BUT since they are now big enough to get out of the pool, they are getting into the water. And not in a good way! One soaking wet pup can contaminate the whole litter in a matter of minutes! Taking pictures from here on out is going to be difficult. Yesterday, I put Emy's food bowl IN the nest. The first puppy to notice was the most white parti girl. She was wrestling (sort of) with her brother and just kind of leaned over to inspect it. Then she started licking it. Her brother, the least white black, had to get up to inspect it and he started off licking the bowl as well. But a minute or two later, he had his head in the food and was getting his first taste of the future. Which he seemed to like since he stayed there a very long time, eating one piece of kibble after another. Sister lay down right there and went to sleep and didn't even notice when he dropped some kibble on her and then rooted all around until he found every piece. Today, all 7 pups are "eating" kibble and it is scattered all over the pool. (Emy is NOT a happy homemaker!) I just found the blond boy curled up IN the bowl, asleep, while the rest of the pups are sleeping elsewhere. Changes are coming... the pool is going to disappear pretty soon which means the pups are going to be nose to nose with other dogs AND will be discovering the world outside the nest.

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