Friday, September 23, 2011

I have Bad News

I'm now certain I'll never have Cotton and Peri again. This evening, I called Larry (the man where they had been hanging around all week) and he hadn't seen them all day. Apparently we just spooked the dogs yesterday. Larry suggested they might have gone on over the ridge and thought I should check the church grounds on the other side. I thought about doing it tomorrow but went right away instead. There were some people in different areas of the grounds... it's huge... and I asked one if he had seen any dogs. He said "Look like Poodles?" And I told him yes and gave him a flyer. He said yes, he had seen them run across the parking lot about a half hour before, avoiding all the people. So I drove around the parking lots and in the back of the church, there was Cotton running up a hill, no more than 30 feet from me. When I called her name, she slowed and looked at me, but kept running, still looking at me. Then the puppy came running passed. She was kind of bouncing as she ran and looked at me, like she was hesitating. But then she looked at Cotton who was way ahead of her and still running, and she kept going too. The church is right ON the interstate and they were headed north into the woods that border it. Tommorow I'll go over to the neighborhood that is on the other side of the woods and put up flyers. I gave some to a man who works at the church just in case the dogs hang out in the woods over night and he sees them tomorrow. But I'm really out of hope. I'm pretty sure I was just given one last view of them and it's breaking my heart.

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