Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Few Photos

But first, an update on yesterday's post about food allergies...
my vet came down firmly on the maybe side of the entire situation. Which is where I am as well.  She said that food allergies in dogs and cats are going through a tremendous increase, just as they are in humans, and that there is no indisputable evidence that it is genetic. In fact, it is more likely to be caused by the increase of chemicals, hormones and other additives in our environment and food sources. Even plants are manipulated from seed to harvest. She said if the problem were JUST genetic, it would be seen clearly in certain breeds or at least in separate lines within breeds, BUT food allergies occur in ALL breeds and crosses. As for breeding Maggie and Cisco to each other again, she suggested Mag be bred to a different male this time. Cisco already has a litter of purebred Poodle pups on the ground and almost grown with no known problems. Sometimes, for some unknown reasons, two specific individuals to not mix well although they are fine, even spectacular with others. As it says on my website, in the piece about what I've learned in a lifetime of breeding, what looks best on paper gives you the worse results. Or, in plain English, poop happens! So, until Penny has had time to digest (no pun intended... well, maybe a little pun intended) all the "information" and various opinions and decide what she wants to do, there will not be another Maggie litter.

And now, the pictures
This is the problem free Maggie/Cisco girl, Macy, enjoying her time at the beach.

Esther is moving to New York, near "the City," on August 8th. I hope this is not what she thinks of the idea!

And then, get a load of the feet on this guy, who is also moving to NYC in August.

Finally, this pretty face goes with the AVAILABLE girl, Cream and Gold Dog. More pictures of her and the other AVAILABLE female, Brown Pony, later in the week.

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