Friday, July 6, 2012

Here We Go Again

It's Friday, right? Know how I can tell (now that summer tv has no schedule worth watching?) I'm having a computer problem. This one is JUST with the website host. I can't get on to edit files... which means I can't do anything on my site or any of the others I maintain. According to the host... who I have LOVED for 8-9-10 years... it is MY fault. Which I find really hard to believe since it was working fine Tuesday and early Wednesday (when I updated the puppy pictures.) I logged off for a couple hours and haven't been able to get back on since. I downloaded Firefox, which I like much better than IE anyway... just wasn't sure how long it was going to take to download on dial-up... and it is working fine (well, it will be as soon as I remember all the ins and outs!) And I've tried twice to download the latest adobe flashplayer... but both times it's made my computer freeze after 28%. Both changes were at the suggestion of the host's "support team." I'm still having a problem understanding how those two things just went out of wack JUST when I want on that particularly website and not for anything else. I HATE computers!

Emy's pups
Just one girl available now... Pony. I've had A LOT of inquiries, so many, it's getting hard to keep up with who's who... so I expect she'll be leaving with the rest of the family. A couple are staying into August.

Something everyone should remember... it is REALLY hard on a 3 months old puppy to be ripped away from his family and everything he's known. He is aware that everything is different... sights, sounds, smells, the taste of water, how people talk, the activity in his new home and probably the worse, no other dogs for back up (in most cases.) Be prepared for him to NOT want to run and play, often the pups don't even want to eat even when they are hungry. Lots of holding and petting and quiet time to just explore on his own... limit him to one room to start with... and time in his crate, away from the kids and all the goings on. Usually, the puppies perk up when they are taken outside. Just remember those short legs can really move fast so be sure he's in a secure place. You might want to let him drag his lead around so you can grab it without being right on top of him. Also, playing with a pup-friendly dog who has not been any place where he can pick up viruses/bacteria to expose YOUR pup to (like the dog park or even just walking around the neighborhood) will reassure your pup he's not the last of his kind in the world.

And one other thing... these pups, every one of them, like to sleep on their backs. Every time they're all down, at least two are belly up!.

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