Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Emy and Boon's first two pups to leave will be with their families early tomorrow. The male, Reindeer, and female, Dino, went to the vet yesterday and the groomer today. To make a long story short, car sickness is pretty common in puppies! Dino got sick just before we got home yesterday and again when we went out this morning and Reindeer got sick as we were pulling up the drive to the house today. Towels and newspaper are essential supplies for all those drives home!
Reindeer went from 9-1/2 to 12.13 pounds in 14 days and Dino from 8-1/2 to 11.
Esther went from 5 pounds to 7, so she is growing at the same rate as her cousins.

In an effort to keep Reindeer and Dino looking like they did when I picked them up from the groomer, I put them in Esther's pen with her. Now, she usually goes in with The Nine in THEIR area and was a little surprised when they came calling. But she adjusted quickly and had a great time being the hostess. I've decided since Esther and Peri are still SO attached, that each of the pups will come to stay with E once it's been to the groomer and Peri is NOT going to be allowed in the pen with them. She can stay in the bedroom, but that's it. Esther is 9 weeks old and still nursing! Next week, after Gray Unicorn goes home, I'll put Esther permanently in with The Nine which will be The Four by then. And Peri can like it or lump it. If she chooses the latter, she'll go board at the vet's for 5-7 days to give her some time to think about it.

Unlike almost all of my previous pups, The Nine have not been particularly interested in adult food. They'll eat it, but much prefer the puppy kibble. On the other hand, Esther just picks at the puppy kibble. She's eating enough to not be losing any ground... Peri's milk, if there IS any  milk, is not much nourishment at all. But yesterday, when E was in with The Nine, there was some Pedigree in their bowls. You would have thought she had found manna from heaven. She consumed quite a lot of it... well, what is quite a lot for a pup her size and age... so I am going to offer her a bowlful every day. Youngsters, regardless of species, are all alike!

I did say "kiss of death"
Di had a really strange reaction both times she was bred with Boon (Thursday and Sunday) and has the vets stymied. We have two possible causes, one of them will stop her breeding career right now and the other is only slightly better. Both are rather "interesting," in the vets' opinions. For me, it's a "what next?" situation. IF she is pregnant... and I'll do an ultrasound at 4-5 weeks... we'll have to decide midterm what our course of action will be. My first concern is ALWAYS my girls. Di is feeling and acting great. She is not sick or in any discomfort and is driving ALL the guys nuts because she is still in standing heat. Stay tuned!

is continuing on the eye ointment for another week although Jane feels HER problem was just a minor infection. We want to be absolutely sure it is nothing more. Needless to say, I'm in a much better frame of mind about her situation.

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