Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So! The new scale finally arrived yesterday and last night, everyone was weighed. This is just for YOUR information since the formula I use to determine adult weight is not very accurate with medium size dogs. At 10 weeks, there is around a 3-1/2 pound difference between the largest, brown & tan dog, and the smallest, pink dino. The other two males and two of the girls are clustered together, while the other three females are toward the top.
Boys first:
brown & tan dog --- just a tad over 12 pounds
reindeer --- 9-1/2
gray unicorn --- 9
Darker females:
cream & gold dog --- 10 pounds
pink dino --- 8-1/2
teddy bear --- 9
Lighter females:
pink unicorn --- 9-1/2 pounds
black & white --- a tad over 11
brown pony --- a tad under 11

The gender line up is m/f/f/f/m/f/m/f/f. The 3 boys average 10.17# while the 6 girls average 9.99#
Over all, a very consistent litter in size as well as absolutely everything else!

weighed in at just under 5 pounds at 7 weeks.

And speaking of "the natural," she is now chasing the other pups around their pen. That's when she is not standing on all fours IN their water bowl. It is probably a good thing she is the only pup in her litter... she'd have the rest toeing the line from dawn to dusk!

And she gets the award for first to sleep alone all night. Peri kept climbing out of the puppy pen last night, so I locked her in a crate... and fell asleep. Every time I woke up, she AND the pup were sound asleep, so I just left them apart. About 6 this morning, I put Peri back in the pen and they both acted like no big deal.

They grow up so fast!

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