Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SO Embarrassed

The first two pups left this morning. It's funny how everyone in the house knows when pups are going out the door for good... when I left with the little boy, everyone howled. They didn't do it when I took the girl, so maybe they're not going to miss her!

Here's what I'm embarrassed about...
the pups had dirty feet. Now that may not sound like much, especially as most people know that long haired breeds have hair between their foot pads that grows as long as their body hair and of course it gets dirty. BUT when the pups go to the groomer, they are supposed to have the hair clipped from between the pads. In all fairness, I DID tell the girl not to get anywhere near them with the clippers. (If you've been around here for a while, you may remember the time I took the pup in for a bath and they clipped ALL his hair off.) Unfortunately, she must not know you can use scissors on the feet. I'm going to have to talk with my groomer on Saturday so she can tell the new people in her shop about feet... she does a lot of training and they may not have reached that lesson yet. The really bad thing is, I checked the feet of The Seven and they are fairly clean! The only thing I can think of, since The Two were obviously bathed and brushed, is... yuck... they walked in "it" when they were sick in the car. I carried them into the house and don't remember getting... messy... myself, but I'm actually pretty used to getting all kinds of stuff on me!

I enjoyed meeting the families and appreciate that they drove so far to get their new family members. The girl has a young man owner, the first non-adult she's ever seen and she was impressed! I'm sure she was happy to find that not all Two-Leggers are huge!

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