Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm Back!

Took my time this morning, made sure all the pups and dogs were in a good place and I had a big glass of cold water handy then called the first number on my list of possible isps. Hit the jackpot right away. The girl spoke English as a first language and it took only about 20 minutes to get signed up and set up. I still have to download their webpage accelerator although I'm not sure how much it will help. If I don't like it, I can go back to their regular dial up and save $4 a month. So far so good.

Had a couple big ones come through here during the night and early morning hours. Emy's pups have not heard thunder since they have gotten out of the baby stage... and they were not sure what to make of it. The pups had been playing out on the deck, where it was cooler than the house, as the wind picked up and thunder started rumbling. I made them come in before the rain started, but closed just the storm door so they could still watch outside. Some of them decided it was a good time to come in the room with me, while others stood up with paws on the windows and watched stuff blow around and lightning flash. When it got really loud and room shaking, several of them were frightened but one... brown/tan male... didn't even wake up. The interesting thing was the pups who were bothered by the noise all looked up at me and made eye contact. None of them ran TO me for protection or tried to hide. After the first storm passed, they all crashed in front of the fans. When the second storm came through, about an hour and a half later, they were pretty cool with it. It wasn't as intense, which may hae had something to do with that. I put them to bed and went into the bedroom to watch tv with that gang... it was about midnight... and didn't hear anything from the pups when the other storms came through. The first one was the worse... especially when the power went out toward the end of my whodunit and I started cursing up a storm of my own! But the power came back on within 5 minutes and PBS repeats their Masterpiece Mystery in the early morning hours, so I got to tune back in and see who dun it. (Which I had already figured out anyway.)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we matched one all time record and then broke it the next two days. This morning has been gorgeous! The rain really cleared the air and brought the temperature down so the house was cool and stayed that way for hours. Today's high is supposed to be 95-97 with high humidity, which is more than 10 degrees above normal for us but practically a spring break from the weekend. The rest of the week is supposed to be more humidity and 92-99. I'm ready for winter... I'm still waiting for LAST winter!

Since you're tired of weather reports
let's talk about horses. I'll Have Another has been sold to a stud farm in Japan. He'll be junior stud to Roses in May who lives at the same farm and by all reports is very well cared for and appreciated. Since he's not going to be running any more, it is a good spot for a nice colt.

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