Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Can You Ship? Not Today!

The puppy going to California this morning, didn't. At 4 AM on the nose, a REALLY violent thunderstorm hit this area. Of course, for people who were up all night or have to leave for work very early and turn on the tv as soon as they get out of bed, it was no surprise since the storm tracked down from the Ohio Valley, making tremendous noise all the way. And actually, some of my adult dogs had been restless and barky most of the night, behavior I tried to sleep through. We had lots and LOTS of lightening, including a number of ground strikes around me... not a pleasant thing. The power flicked off several times before it stayed off for a while. No a.c. and closed windows. When it came back on, I turned on the tv for a weather report and the consensus was it was going to be pretty rough for several hours. So, with the a.c. back on, I turned the alarm clock off and tried to sleep. The pup's trip has been rescheduled for tomorrow and I'll probably check the weather BEFORE I turn in tonight.

The allergy litter
Everyone has checked in and the majority of the pups seem to be fine. Several have sensitive digestive tracts, but nothing major. One has developed an unexplained odor which is a sign of a digestive problem... this IS common with Shar-Pei and usually clears up with a diet change... but the rest are pretty normal. EVERYBODY says they are in love with their puppies, which is good to hear. The pups range from 40 to 46 pounds and the blacks have stayed pretty much black, most with red highlights.

This is Eno whose young owner says "Eno just makes life more funner."

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