Monday, July 23, 2012

What's Going On Here

One of the things I tell people when they pick up their pups and something I mention fairly often in emails and on the blog is I need to hear from everyone from time to time ESPECIALLY if there is a problem with the puppy. I'm not talking about someone pulling a tick off after a day in the woods or the occasional case of the runs or tartar build up on the teeth. I'm talking about anything unusual, especially if it requires vet care. And here is why...

Saturday evening I got an email from a Maggie/Cisco family. They mentioned that there was a problem with food allergies which was "cured" by a diet change AFTER a test showed the pup was allergic to beef, pork, lamb, sweet potato, rice, eggs and brewers yeast. Their vet said it was likely that other pups from the litter had the same problem. I have NO experience with food allergies in dogs... rather odd since I have over 2 dozen years with Chinese Shar-Pei... so I started researching on the 'net AND emailed everyone who has those pups. (Some of you have not answered as yet....) To my chagrin, FOUR pups have issues with food allergies. (Some of you have not answered as yet....)  One of the reasons it is important for me to know what is going on is so I can share information about how to fix or at least improve the situation. In this case, knowing what the allergies are to and what food is working with the first family and adding probiotics to everyone's diet can save the rest of us some time, money and frustration. But just as important is knowing that a particular breeding has resulted in a serious problem. Penny was planning on repeating that breeding in just a short time. No one wants to produce  pups that you know have a greater than average possibility of an issue such as this. (Unfortunately, the genetics of food allergies is still being debated and the "experts" are no help since some say yea and some say nay. Which is pretty much the same situation with the majority of genetic problems.) I will be discussing the situation with Jane this afternoon and Penny is going to talk to her vet. I have heard from Maggie's breeder and she says Mag's mom has had a lot of yeast infections in her ears which the vet said could be from a food allergy. (We were already pretty sure the problem was coming from the Wheaten side since one of the first thing I discovered is that SCWTs are on the short list of breeds prone to food allergies. And Poodles are not.) Interestingly, ALL  four of the affected pups are male. (Some of you have not answered as yet....) 

SO! Please let me know if you have a problem!

AND, everyone... start your pups on a probiotic. Acidophyllus is available... and cheap... at every health food store. It is also very hard to overdose since it is just natural digestive tract bacteria. It's good for people too.

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