Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good News

Diamond is in season and being bred to Boon. For reasons of her own, she has not had a litter in almost 2 years so this will be her first with Boon. Her pups are usually in the 25-35 pound range, most 28 to 32, and she has had a variety of colors and patterns, including parti (spotted.) I am excited about the possibilities! If all goes as planned (I know, the kiss of death talking about plans ) these pups will be ready to go early in December.

More good news
I heard from Penny and she is definitely going to do another Maggie/Cisco litter when Mag comes back in season... which she thinks could be anytime from right now to 2 months. I prefer at least 6 weeks so I don't have Mag's pups coming to me before Di's have gone to you!

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