Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Pix

On the website are new pictures of MOST of the pups. One... dino... is currently missing a shot and another... black/white dog... is missing both. Their original photos were rather fuzzy, so I retook some after posting the rest. Now my web hostsite is doing maintenance and I can't get on there again until morning. In the meantime, here are two NOT going on the site, entitled:
When Stuffed Animals Attack:

I'm not happy about the dark red background and won't be using it again.

When E's mom went outside at 9 this morning, I put E in the pen with her nine cousins. And she's stayed there all day. Without complaint. Peri, on the other hand, has been barking and whining all evening. Seems like the pup had a curfew which she missed! I'm about to put her back with Peri and expect there'll be some splainin' to do.
Here are Esther's pictures from today. I LOVE the black and white. Sepia was an option which was also nice; I'll use it some other time.

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