Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Weights

Okay, here are the new weights for this gang...

Elliott (Jack) ___ 11 ___ (was 6.5 four weeks ago)
Beckett (Molasses) ___ 9.75 ___(5.5)
Marco ___ 9.50 ___ (5)
Charlie (Eastwood) ___ 8.5 ___ (4.5)
Brother ___ 7.5 ___ (4.25)
Remy (Dora) ___ 7.5 ___ (4)
Lola (Lolly) ___ 7.25 ___ (3.35)
Spider ___ 6.75 ___ (2.75)

Really good decision
Moving the pups into the dog room was a wonderful decision on my part. They have SOOO much more room to play in there that they don't need to be out loose... and tearing up everything... in the house. And I don't have to go around hiding all the electrical cords several times a day. Plus, when they get up and start rumbling in the morning, I sleep through it... well, almost. And another plus, they can play out on the deck once the shade reaches it. Right now, they've been out of the pen for about 45 minutes and most of them are sleeping in the doorway or just outside on the deck. A couple are still moving about but the temp is around 95 (not factoring in the heat index) and they're pretty much done in. The last plus is they have finally discovered splashing-the-water-out-of-the-waterbowl-all-over-the-floor-
and-lying-down-in-it-to-cool-off and I don't have that wet puppy smell in the bedroom.

Emy is still pretending she never saw any of them before in her whole life.

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