Saturday, July 17, 2010

Update on Rehome

I had to run over to the vet's this morning to pick up a prescription renewal (thyrozine for Keogh, my doodle.) Now, going to my vet at any time takes a while. I don't know exactly what it is as they seem to have enough staff and everyone is always busy but everything takes forever... checking in, waiting for a room, checking out. And heaven help you if you have an emergency and have to go as a walk-in! But Saturdays are always like Black Fridays (isn't that what they call the day after Thanksgiving?) When I got there, the lobby was full so I called... from their parking lot... to tell them I needed the refill and then went to eat breakfast. Forty minutes later, I returned... and stood in line for over a half hour. There were only 4 people ahead of me, and 2 of them had appointments, but we waited in line. Then the vet tech whose mom adopted Moonie, the rehome, came into the lobby and told me how well he was doing. She said the 2 of them have become inseparable and she's not sure which is more enamored of the other. Moonie stayed at the vet's just a couple days before going to his new home and everyone there fell in love with him. It's nice when things work out so nicely... and so quickly!

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