Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wet Puppy Pix

There are several new ones on the puppy page on the website, mostly of Brother since he wasn't in the pictures (by his own choosing) a couple days ago.

By way of preamble, we had two days of pretty good rain and delightfully cooler weather, even though I couldn't do anything outside because it was raining... but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth! The ground is soaked, there are big mud puddles everywhere and the grass is getting cut tomorrow, all of which means the pups had a blast!

Here are a couple kids... I think the pups are Brother (in the middle... easy to tell!) Charlie (on the right... he always looks a little "yellower" than the others,) Marco (on the left... he always looks a little whiter) and EITHER Elliott or Beckett (in the front... from a distance, it's hard to tell exactly how much black is still in the coat.)

This is Brother, full throttle

And I'm pretty sure this is Spider but it could be Lola

And because Caren accused me of selling her a Bloodhounddoodle since Elliott ALWAYS has his nose to the ground, here's his pretty face. Please note he is also at full throttle!

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