Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pups and a Rehome

Elliott, checking out every little spot in the grass!
He'll be living in Nashville where he plans on making a career in country something!

Moving to the San Francisco area is Charlie.
He's perfectly at home in the sun and apparently, loves the camera!

New Home Needed

I've just taken back a 55 pound, black, curly coated, neutered guy who is 3 years old and has been living with a couple kids and another dog. Circumstances have changed in his home AND he has a history of biting, twice. Both times were strangers who were on HIS property when he was unsupervised. He is at my vet's where he'll be staying for an evaluation period of at least 2 weeks. BUT I have to tell you, he was the perfect gentleman when I got him out of the crate and took him for a walk and he doesn't know me from Adam! Guess that should be Eve. (But his owner's name was Adam....) He sat by my side in the exam room, with his head in my lap. And my vet got right down on the floor and in his face when she first walked in the room without eliciting any negative response from him.

I am looking for someone with dog EXPERIENCE and I don't mean someone who has just had a couple pets... this has to be someone who knows what to look for and who speaks "dog."
Email me if you are interested.

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