Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's One More!

Or, as she is now known, WOMbat

She arrived Friday, in the company of an 8-1/2 weeks old standard Poodle puppy who stayed till Saturday and is now living in southwest VA with my friend Penny. The Poodle guy and Wombat were the EXACT same shade of apricot! This is Penny's hubby with Cisco the Poodle and Spider the Whoodle.

This girl already knows her name and has had very little trouble fitting in with the Whoodle pups who are 4 weeks younger... and quite a bit smaller than she.

Wombat is a Goldendoodle backcross (from a Goldendoodle parent and a standard Poodle parent... actually, her dad is Cisco's dad as well.) She is for my Double Doodle program and is Ost's intended.


Several of you have noted how much bigger Spider is looking these days. It really is easier to see it in a photo than to picture it in your head when I say she has doubled her size and is just 1/2 pound less than Lola and only 3/4 pound under Remy and Brother. She is, obviously, as healthy as a horse
and is looking for a home!

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