Monday, July 12, 2010

The Case of the Missing Street

I know any number of people read on my website that my address is a little hard to find and a good many folks think that is a fabrication. So here's what has just happened...
I order all my vaccines and much of my other dog stuff from a company in Iowa, Revival Animal Health, and I have for many years... even before I moved to Tennessee. They are good people to work with, reliable and have prices that are always reasonable. Last Tuesday evening I called and ordered vaccines. They shipped out Wednesday and were supposed to arrive Friday. When they weren't here by 6PM, I called Revival... since you CAN'T call Fed-X... and asked what was going on. I don't mess with vaccines... they either arrive on schedule or I don't accept them. The lady I spoke with called Fed-X... SHE has a phone number that gets through to a person... and then told me they couldn't deliver them to me because they couldn't find me. When I said that was impossible because they deliver out here, and not just to me, all the time, she went back to the Fed-X rep. Then the story changed to the box had probably been misloaded and was on the wrong truck. They would try to locate it and if they did, would either deliver them the next day (yeah, on a Saturday) or refrigerate the package over the weekend. Regardless, I told the lady I didn't want them and she totally understood and said she'd contact me Monday morning and get a new shipment out to me. Needless to say, the first box didn't show up Saturday or this morning. To make a long story short, I called the lady at Revival and since she was out to lunch, left my name, phone number and said "tell her it's about the vaccines that still aren't here." Apparently she takes a long lunch because she hadn't called me back 3-1/2 hours later. BUT when I got into the email account I use for company stuff... confirmations, receipts, shipping notification, etc... there was an email from the head of Customer Service. NOT Fed-X Customer Service, Revival's. He said he had been unable to reach me all day... which is pretty amazing since a number of other people had no problem and I had deliberately stayed off the computer so I wouldn't tie up the line (I'm on dial-up, remember.) But the gist of his email... and follow up phone call about an hour after I replied to the mail... was Fed-X had no idea where my street was. It wasn't on any map they had access to. Here's the thing: it's been hot and I don't function well in the heat but I'm pretty sure my street and the rest of the neighborhood has not been moved to the moon. What I don't get is how SUDDENLY Fed-X can't fine me. UPS I could understand; they've ALWAYS had a problem. It seems like the more of the farmland sold off and built on around me, the harder it is for these delivery companies even though there are no more streets, just the one I'm on. ANYWAY, the vaccines are supposed to go out OVERNIGHT tomorrow. Did you know Fed-X's 3 (or more) tiered delivery servies are TOTALLY separate from each other... different staff, different locations... but, apparently, the same maps.

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