Thursday, July 15, 2010

Missing Street Found (Temporarily)

The vaccines showed up, right on schedule and my regular driver just grinned and shrugged about the mix-up. He stayed just long enough to take a gander at 9 puppies staring at him from the yard and deck, made no comment and drove off. Not one peep out of the pups although the guys in the house were almost spastic.

Now, just to make the story interesting, I got a call this afternoon from a breeder in Florida. She said "I've got your vaccines here." Here's the backstory... a couple years ago, she bought a dog from me and had Jeffers Pet dropship a crate to my address. Ever since then, Jeffers seems to think everything she orders should go to Tennessee rather than Florida. She emailed me a few weeks ago that something she had ordered had been misdirected to me and I should be on the look out just in case Jeffers wasn't able to straighten it out before it was delivered here. (Get the picture? If I order it, no one can find me. If it's sent by mistake, it's here promptly.) Anyway, it never showed up and it pretty much slipped my mind. HOWEVER Friday, when MY vaccines (being sent air rather than ground, from an entirely different company) some how made their way to the Fed-X GROUND facility and those folks remembered shipments to me were supposed to be redirected to Florida and apparently, that is what they did. I can't make this stuff up!

And since it is 8:40 PM, I need to go round up puppies and get them bedded down for the night!

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