Friday, July 16, 2010

Have I Mentioned...

These are Smart Puppies
It's almost noon, the door to the outside via the deck is wide open, the pups (who LOVE it outside) are loose... and they're all IN the house. Even Wonbat who was born and raised outdoors. Several of them are chewing on my fairly new straw broom... I get a new one before every litter... but the rest are lying in front of the floor fans. When I say it's hot here, you can believe it!

TWO Smart Puppies

Yesterday the crew was here cutting the grass. And last evening when I went to bring the pups inside, two of them were outside the fence. I thought they had widened the hole under it which they started after the rain earlier this week. One, Elliott, was standing outside the front gate yipping to let me know he couldn't get in. The other one was all the way on the opposite side of the yard, at the back gate. As soon as she saw me, she came tearing all the way around the fence to the front and waltzed right in. Now, THAT is pretty smart for a little bitty 11 weeks old infant no matter what the species! By the way, that pup was... Dora the Explorer (aka Remy.)

And they had not finished the escape route under the fence. The back gate... where Remy was waiting when I went outside... was unlatched. The pups managed to squeeze thrugh to get out but couldn't figure out how to open it enough from their side to get back in. I wouldn't have found it for a while except Ost and Rida got out this morning and I caught him wiggling his butt back in. (Rida, like the puppies) came in the front gate.)

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